LOUNGECommon Lounge

Our spacious welcoming lounge connects directly from the outdoor terrace. This space serves as a place for accommodation guests to relax as well as an area where you can chat with other travelers and locals. In the cooler months, the lounge is heated by wood-burning stoves, creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere. In the future this space will be used for events such as early-morning healing programs and local-craft workshops.

LIBRARYCommon Library

Connecting from the front lobby is a library. Here you’ll find a collection of one hundred books carefully selected from suggestions from managers, hotel staff, owners, designers and others who took part in building Hotel Aoka Kamigoto. The collection ranges from guidebooks and photo essays on Kamigoto to novels and picture books on island themes. We invite you to spend some time enjoying the journey of learning in a roomy sofa space, or in your room relaxing. The Wi-Fi is free of charge. You can also use the multifunction machine when you need to telecommute (fees apply).

LAUNDRYCommon Laundry

Laundry facilities are available for guests to use in common. Being able to do laundry part-way through your trip means you can travel with fewer clothes, lightening your luggage. The two washing machines and two dryers are coin-operated and available 24 hours a day.